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Investigating the wild world of TikTok live streaming

ABC Brisbane
114 Grey St, South Brisbane

Julian Fell and Patrik Wikström take you inside their investigation into the wild world of live streaming on TikTok, where some viewers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and creators compete for a share of the spoils.The amount of money being spent, and how much of it went to the creators, is obscured by a system of in-game coins, gifts and diamonds. Julian and Patrik will explain the data scraping experiment they ran to peek under the hood and see who gets what.

Past events

April 2024

Black Justice Journalism Presenters: Amy McQuire

March 2024

Food criticism in the age of social media algorithms Presenters: Kelly Wong, Matt Shea

February 2024

Generative visual AI in news organisations: perceptions, challenges, and opportunities Presenters: T.J. Thompson

December 2023

YouTube's News Conundrum - Where does the ABC feature among the platform's designation of 'authoritative voices'? Presenters: Arjun Srinivas

November 2023

Islands in the Streaming: Local and niche content discovery in a global TV distribution market Presenters: Kylie Pappalardo

October 2023

How it was made: breaking down the referendum results Presenters: Ash Kyd, Tim Leslie, Julian Fell

September 2023

'Fact-checking used to be easy' Presenters: Silvia Montaña-Niño

August 2023

Skynet, Sky News and Harry Styles: The 7 Things I've Learned From Working Down In the Misinformation Mines Presenters: Cam Wilson

July 2023

Augmented reality state of the art & opportunities Presenters: Tim Madden

Artistic use of virtual reality for creating meaningful connection between people and their environment Presenters: Michelle Brown

June 2023

Where misogyny hides: exploring everyday online discussions of violence against women Presenters: Lucinda Nelson

May 2023

Digital Platforms — how, why and when should journalists and media get on board? Presenters: April Chan, Arjun Srinivas, Anna Levy, Liam Clarkson

May 2023

Tools, technologies and techniques share and tell

March 2023

ChatGPT - Is it hype or the next step in AI? Presenters: Aaron Snoswell

February 2023

Twitter, bots, and the future of automation on social media Presenters: Ash Kyd, Josh Byrd, Rosie Ryan, Thom Ryan

January 2023

Hacks/Hackers Brisbane is an event series where we’re exploring the future of media by bringing together technologists and storytellers.

We’re kicking off 2023 with a social gathering at Little Big House, South Brisbane at 5pm Wednesday 25 January.

We want to hear what you’ve seen, read or been thinking about over summer and what you’re excited about for the coming year.

November 2022

Identifying Discriminatory Patterns in Online Advertising Data

September 2022

What should a 21st century reporter's notebook include? Presenters: Simon Elvery

July 2021

Trace, Touch, Feel the Brisbane River - the Art & Science of Haptic Storytelling Presenters: Grania Kelly, Gavin Winter

May 2021

Journalism, but not as you know it Presenters: Skye Doherty, Joseph Burgess

March 2021

One script, thousands of stories: What NLG means for data journalism Presenters: Julian Fell, Michael Collett

February 2021

Information May Want to Be Free, but Journalism Can’t Be Presenters: Amanda D. Lotz

October 2020

The State of our Media Presenters: Danielle Cronin, Axel Bruns, Jyi Lawton, Vanessa Wiltshire, Katie Cassidy

August 2020

The XR path ahead Presenters: Nathan Bazley

June 2020

Reporting, analysis and visualisation of sports statistics Presenters: Timothy Neville

April 2020

A pandemic of data viz

February 2020

Vision 2020 — stories of the new year Presenters: Peter Marsh, Susan Heatherington, Bela Stantic, Sarah Motherwell

November 2019

How do you get a job as a digital journalist? Presenters: Felicity Sheppard, Stuart Layt

October 2019

The new podcast ecosystem: smart speakers, platforms & other podcasting trends Presenters: Andrew Davies, Nance Haxton, James Cridland

October 2019

The impact of leaking on the identity and practice of investigative journalism Presenters: Stefan Baack

August 2019

Workshop: What is a physical news story? Presenters: Skye Doherty, Stephen Viller

July 2019

Surveilling journalists and their sources Presenters: Monique Mann, Brenda Moon, Rebecca Ananian-Welsh

May 2019

Election Reflection

April 2019

Political Manipulation by Twitter Bots & Trolls During Elections Presenters: Tim Graham

March 2019

Tech and storytelling in legal services Presenters: Ann Bui, Jodie Willey

February 2019

Inside The Inside Story Of A Flying Telescope Presenters: Jonathan Webb

November 2018

My phone is spying on me so I decided to spy on it. Presenters: Simon Elvery

October 2018

Digital storytelling for politics and investigations Presenters: Katie Cassidy, Lucy Sweeny

September 2018

Deepfakes: has the world as we know it changed forever? Presenters: Tim Leslie, Nathan Hoad

August 2018

The "A little bit of our Syria" project: Blending photography, podcasting and AR Presenters: Dan Seed, Rose Richani

July 2018

Skiptrace: how to track down people & leads using online tools Presenters: Brad Lyons

June 2018

Making the jump: becoming a data journalist Presenters: Cristen Tilley, Felicity Caldwell

May 2018

Our challenge is this: how to make a hit podcast Presenters: Kellie Riordan, Andrew Davies

April 2018

Simulating Instagram's algorithmic culture by examining Brisbane's nightlife Presenters: Dan Angus, Nicholas Carah, Adam Smith

March 2018

Meet the makers: Ground Truth Presenters: Grania Kelly, Jack Kimberley, Andrew Grodecki, Jane James

February 2018

Data Journalism - Fad or Future Presenters: Dan Petrie

November 2017

The Design of Nothing Presenters: Andy Kirk

September 2017

Personal data & the business models of social media Presenters: Richard Shannon

August 2017

Storyology Special: Tools for helping journalists Presenters: Irene Jay Liu, Matthew Liddy, Dan Seed

July 2017

Toward a Program of Algorithmic Accountability: A Collaborative Approach Presenters: Mark Andrejevic

May 2017

News by Bot: Sharing ABC's real world experience wrangling a Facebook bot Presenters: Lincoln Archer

April 2017

The Growing 'long tail' in Australian Journalism Presenters: John Cokley

Q&A on Hello Humans & reader-funded journalism Presenters: Claire Connelly

April 2017

This Algorithmic Life Presenters: Dan Angus, Nicholas Carah, Caroline McKinnon, Simon Elvery

February 2017

Encrypt at the source: Someone’s life will depend on it Presenters: Fredrik Strömberg

December 2016

The Nauru Files—how Guardian Australia reported a leak Presenters: Nick Evershed

November 2016

Story City Presenters: Emily Craven

October 2016

Student journalism showcase: viewAR

Student journalism showcase: CivCity

Student journalism showcase: Local Knowledge

Student journalism showcase: React

Student journalism showcase: WorldView

September 2016

GovHack showcase and all about hackathons Presenters: Randall Fernando

August 2016

On location: geodata and geovisualisation Presenters: Peta Mitchell

July 2016

Basic Excel skills for data starters Presenters: Matthew Liddy

The latest research from journalism scholars Presenters: Renee Barnes

ABC NewsBot reporting for duty Presenters: Simon Elvery

Podcasting, new technologies and new journalistic forms in political reporting Presenters: Dennis Atkins

June 2016

Making radio better with data Presenters: James Cridland

May 2016

Web scraping for fun and profit Presenters: Luke Bacon

April 2016

What do you do with 20,000 news articles? Using computers to scale mountains of text Presenters: Angus Veitch

March 2016

Combining Illustrations and Abstract Graphics to Convey Information Presenters: Lydia Byrne

February 2016

The feedback loop between algorithmic judgment and cultural life Presenters: Nicholas Carah

Digital security for journalists Presenters: Eru Penkman