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Thanks for being part of the Hacks/Hackers Brisbane community!

Each event that we put on takes a considerable amount of work and coordination, so we're always keen to hear from people who are willing to help out the core group of organisers in any way — large or small.

How to help

There are a variety of things we could use some help with both on the day of events and between events. If you are willing to help out with any of these tasks, we'd love to hear from you via email.

Between events

Creating promotional material

Got marketing or copywriting skills? Creating event flyers and writing event descriptions.

Event writeups

We love writups of our events. We try to get a writup into our post-event newsletter and love just as much seeing writeups elsewhere.

On the day

Venue setup

Putting out chairs and setting up tables for the food and drinks. Setting up the projector, etc.


If you're a photography pro (or aspiring to be one) having great photos of our events makes a huge difference.


This involves checking attendees off against the RSVP list. Bonus — you get to say hello to everyone there!


Do you have sound/video recording skills (or a desire to build them?)

Live tweeting

Live tweet the event either from your own account, or we can give you access to @HacksHackersBrisbane for the night.

Packing up

Many hands make light work when packing up at the end of an event. If you can hang around for a bit that would be awesome.